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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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Sea. The steamers Louise and Nordenskiold attempted
in vain to get through, and the Dutch expedition in the
Varna and the Danish expedition in the Diymphna
(Captain Hovgaard) were caught in the ice and drifted in
it all the winter.
Nor was 1883 a favourable ice year, and no ships passed
through the Kara Sea in that year, though perhaps this is
rather to be attributed to other accidents.
Nor does 1884 appear to have been a favourable year.
The steamer Nordenskiold was forced to return, though
this, it is true, was owing to damage to her engines ; and
we do not know that any other ship attempted the
There is no record of any navigation in the Kara Sea
in 1885 or 1886.
1887 was a favourable year. Captain Wiggins found the
Kara Sea almost ice-free on August 29, reached the Yenisei
estuary and returned.
In 1888 there was much ice in the Kara Sea. As late as
September 25 Captain Wiggins saw large masses of ice,
but also some open water. He sailed to White Island and
returned on October 1.
In 1889 the Kara Sea was open. Captain Wiggins reached
the estuary of the Yenisei on September 4 without
1890 was a favourable year. Three steamers arrived in
the Yenisei estuary.
In 1891 and 1892 there was no navigation in the
Kara Sea, nor did any sealers enter it.
In 1893 the Fram met with a good deal of ice in the Kara
Sea in the first half of August, while Captain Wiggins with
six steamers found little ice at the end of the month, and
arrived without difficulty in the Yenisei estuary.
1894 was a favourable year. Wiggins passed through the
Kara Sea in open water at the end of August to the
Yenisei estuary.
In 1895 Wiggins encountered a good deal of ice in the
Kara Sea at the end of August and beginning of September,
but, nevertheless, reached the Yenisei estuary.

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