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A.-B. Åminne Bruk. Blast Furnace and Workshops.



IT IS, properly speaking, Finland, "The Land of the Thousand Lakes," that is the
real seat of the utilization of limonite, or lake- and bog-ore, and where such ore is
employed on a larger scale than in any other country. In Sweden, there is only one
iron works whose manufactures are based on this kind of ore, viz., Åminne, situated in
the middle of the southern part of the country, some 90 miles S. E. of Gothenburg.
The nearest railway station is Åminne, on the Scania-Småland normal-gauge private

Nature has adorned these tracts with a lavish hand. The woods here resemble
parks thickly studded with beech trees and oak, this giving the landscape a variety that
is often absent in the more northerly part of the kingdom. We find just here, too, a
rolling country, together with an unusual wealth of lakes which lend increased attraction
and life to the view. In the middle of the century Åminne was considered one of
the most picturesque iron works in the country, and it probably remains so, but, on
the other hand, its industrial development, quantitively, has not kept pace with that
of the Swedish iron works whose manufactures are based on the employment
of ordinary hard ores. From a qualitative point of view, however, the products
of the Åminne Works are, in every respect, suitable in the highest degree for the
purposes for which they are intended.

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