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THE Fagersta Steel Co. manufactures iron and steel, and carries on a most
extensive production of iron and steel goods, of a very fine quality. The chief
centres of the Company’s activity are the two Works FAGERSTA, and VÄSTAKFORS,
situated about 100 miles W. N. W. of Stockholm, but only a little more than a mile
from each other. At Västanfors there are two blast furnaces, the remainder of the
Company’s iron industry being located at Fagersta.

"Fagersta" in Swedish, means "a beautiful place", and there are few places in
Sweden more deserving of the title. In the valley of the River Kolbäcksån, where the
stream runs in a winding course between the Lakes Barken and Åmänningen, the Works
are situated in a smiling landscape, embedded amid fields and leafy trees, the whole
picture framed in by the dark pine-woods in the distance. The Works are extremely
favourably situated with regard to communication, on the Stockholm-Västerås Bergslagernas
Railway which, at Västanfors, crosses the State Railway-line, Krylbo-Mjölby. The
distance to Stockholm is only 96 miles, and to Gävle about the same. Transport to
other export ports such as Gothenburg and Malmö, is also comparatively easy, and
finally the Strömsholm Canal, by which there is cheap carriage for goods by barge to
Stockholm, runs through the Works. Regarding access to ore supplies, the position
of the Works is very favourable, Fagersta being situated at the southwest corner of
the largest iron-field in that richly metalliferous province, Västmanland.

We do not know quite exactly when the Works were founded, but it was probably
at some time towards the close of the 15th century. The oldest existing documents
referring to the Works is, however not dated earlier than 1611. It is a permission allow-

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