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This Company carries on the manufacture of iron and steel at Bångbro, in
the heart of that rich mining district which, in Sweden, is popularly called
"Bergslagen", midway between Stockholm and Christiania.


Bångbro lies on exactly the same degree of latitude as the university town of Upsala,
and its distance to the western border of Sweden is about the same as that to the
Baltic, so that one might really say that Bångbro lies in the heart of the country. Nature
has done its best to beautify these tracts, just as it has lavished its more material gifts on the place in the form of ores, forests and waterfalls. In the neighborhood of Bångbro
Steel Works lies the station of the same name, on the Frövi-Ludvika normal-gauge
railway, by which line the important Grängesberg Mining Company sends the greater part
of its ores to Oxelösund, on the Baltic. The distance between Bångbro and Grängesberg
is only 18 miles, a fact that is of rather great importance for the Bångbro Tube Factory,
which, at Grängesberg, obtains that part of its ore-supplies necessary for the
manufacture which is carried on according to the basic method. Goods intended for export
are shipped either via Gothenburg, or via Stockholm and Oxelösund.


The greater number of the existing Swedish iron works were founded during the
16th and 17th centuries, and very few date their establishment so late as the 19th century.
One of these, however, is Bångbro. The thought of establishing a large, modern iron

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