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(1898-1906) [MARC] Author: J. P. Trap
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1. Udgave 1856-1859
2. Udgave 1872-1879
3. Udgave 1898-1906
4. Udgave 1920-1932
5. Udgave 1953-1972

Preface to the electronic edition

Jens Peter Trap compiled and published Statistisk-topographisk Beskrivelse af Kongeriget Danmark (statistical-topographical description of Denmark) in 5 volumes (1856-1859) and a 2nd edition in 7 parts in 6 volumes (1872-1879). The 3rd edition (5 volumes, 1898-1906) was edited by H. Weitermeyer together with V. Falbe-Hansen and H. Westergaard. The 4th edition (10 volumes, 1919-1930) was edited by Gunnar Knudsen and Peter Skautrup. The 5th edition (31 parts in 15 volumes, 1958-1972) was edited by Niels Nielsen, Peter Skaustrup, and Povl Engelstoft. Read more about the editions in the Danish Wikipedia.

As with any encyclopedia, each edition represents its time and can't replace the others. With time, Project Runeberg hopes to present all parts and volumes of all five editions. We assign URLs where "trap/3-2" contains the 3rd edition's 2nd volume. The first three editions are clearly out-of-copyright.

Digitization started in April 2012 with a copy of the 3rd edition. The first volume contains an alphabetical index of personal names (Personalregister, paginated 1-262), which is presented as a separate part ("3-p") of the electronic edition.

All pages are scanned in 600 dpi bitonal TIFF G4. The searchable OCR text is available for online proofreading by volunteers like you. Pages with illustrations other than line art are additionally scanned in 300 dpi colour JPEG. Large format plates are captured with camera.

The 2nd edition was digitized by University of Toronto in July-August 2010 and adapted to Project Runeberg in June 2014 by Ralph E. Se more for each volume! This edition is in fraktur, so there are a little more worse to put it in OCR-code, but if anybode has the resurses, You are more than welcome to try.

Google has digitized some parts of the 1st edition in May 2007 at the New York Public Library (volumes Almindelig Deel, Speciel Deel, 2. Bind).

Brigham Young University has digitized the 3rd edition in July-September 2011 and made it available through the Internet Archive (volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 part 1, 4 part 2, 5).

Indhold / Table of Contents

2. Udgave 1. Deel. Almindelig Deel
2. Udgave 2. Deel. Staden Kjøbenhavn
2. Udgave 3. Deel. Amterne Frederiksborg, Kjøbenhavn, Holbæk, Sorø og Præstø samt Bornholm
2. Udgave 4. Deel. Amterne Odense, Svendborg og Mariebo
2. Udgave 5. Deel. Amterne Hjørring, Thisted, Aalborg, Viborg og Randers
2. Udgave 6. Deel. Amterna Aarhus, Vejle, Ringkjøbing, Ribe og Færøerne. Sted-Register og SUpplement
3. Udgave 1. Bind : Indledende Beskrivelse af Danmark, Kjøbenhavn og Frederiksberg
3. Udgave 2. Bind : Frederiksborg, Kjøbenhavns, Holbæk, Sorø og Præstø Amter
3. Udgave 3. Bind : Bornholms, Maribo, Odense og Svendborg Amter
3. Udgave 4. Bind : Hjørring, Thisted, Aalborg, Viborg og Randers Amter
3. Udgave 5. Bind : Aarhus, Vejle, Ringkjøbing, Ribe og Færø Amter samt Supplement og Stedregister
3. Udgave Register : Personalregister

Korrstaplar / Proof bars for subvolumes


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