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Karl|a, v. n. to sue another at law, to
indict, -an, -ande, n. action
ente-red. -ande, m. & a. plaintiff,
in-dieter. -onial, n. action, indictment,
cause, impeachment.
Kärf, a. rough, harsh, -het, f. harsh-
Kärfte, m. sheaf. [ness, roughness.
Käring, f, old woman, hag; balistes.
-aktig, a. womanish, effeminate.
-krok, m. foil, trip, -saga, f.
tale of a tub. -tänder, f.pl. birds.
Kärl, n. vessel. foot-trefoil.
Kärlek, m. love, affection.
Kärleksl|bref, n. love-letter, -dryck,
m. philtre, love-potion, -full, a.
amorous , full of love; kind, charitable.
-förklaring, f. declaration of love.
••gudinna, f. goddess of love, Venus.
—liandel, m. amour, intrigue,
-hi-storia, /. love-tale, -händelser,
m. pl. loves. -1ÖS, a. uncharitable,
loveless, inhumane, -losllOt, f,
lo-velessness. -tankar, m. pL amorous
reveries. -?erk, n. work of charity.
-visa, f. love-sonst. -äfventyrs n.
Kärn| a, f. kernel; pith; marrow, flower,
quintessence, —fmkt, m, kcrnelfruit.
-full, a. full of kernels, pithy;
energetic, solid. -liUS, n. core. -1ÖS,
d. without a kernel; without energy.
—Språk 9 n. apophte^ra; pithy
Kärn||a, f. churn. —,^V. O>. to churn,
to makt butter, -farsk, a. fresh
from the churn, -mjölk, f. butter»
jnilk. -Stang, f. churn-staff.
Kärr, n. fen, marsh, morass, moor.
—antig, a. marshy, boggy, fenny.
-llo, 71. hard bay.
Kärra, f. cart.
Kätt||are, m. heretic, -erl| n. heresy.
j-ersk, a. heretical.
K ät tja, f. lechery 4 wantonness,
lewd-ness. —S, V. d, to be libidinous.
K?xa, v. n. t» bother.
Kök, n. kitchen.
Köksbord, n. kitchen-table. -gOSSe,
*». scullion, -knif, m. cook’s knife.
-kryddor, /. pl. kitchen . herbs.
•karl, n. kitchen-f ur ni tu re. -latin,
m. dog’s latin, -mästare, m. ma»
stercook. -piga» /« kitchen-maid.
-Skåp, n. meat-safe, pantry, larder.
-slef, m. pot-ladle, -trädgård,
m. kitchen-garden, olitory.
Köl, m. keel; careen, lös-, false keel.
—hala, V. Ct. to careen, to dock; to
keelhaul, -herre, m. master of a
merchant-ship. — mm, n. hold. -SYin,
n. keelson. —Tfttten, n. wake, dead*
Köld, m. cold, frost; coldness.
K Ö hl a, f. kiln.
Kon, n. sex; gender.
Köp, n. purchase, bargain*, price; talc*
ing in. sid upp köpet, to break tho
bargain, för godt -, at a low rate.
taga på öppet -, to take upon trial.
gifva —, to abate of one’s price, till
köps, to be sold, -a, V. a. to buy,
to purchase; to take in. -are, m.
buyer, purchaser. —ebref, n. con»
tract, bill of emption. —enskap, m,
trade, buying and selling, -ing, W.
borough, —man, vn. merchant. —skil»
ling, ?ft. purchase-money. — slå, V.
n. to bargain, to merchandise. —stad,
971. market-town*
Kör||a, V. a. & n. to drive; to carry.
kör pä, drive on. - vilse, to drive
the wrong way. - af, to break off.
— bort, to carry away; to drive away,
to turn off. — efter vatten, to bring
water. — emot, to drive against. —
fast, to be entangled. - i åkern,
to plough. - ifrån, to turn out of.
— in, to thrust in; to carry in. •«
in hos någon, to call upon one. ->
omkull, to overset. - på, to drive
on; to hurry on. -» Upp, to start;
té make one get up. — ut, to ride
out; to turn out. — öfver, to pass
over, to driv» ever. -amlo, n.
—ning, f. driving, riding, carriage,
course. —are, 77*. carrier, driver.
-fågel, m. goosander, -redskap,
n. carriage, vehicle. -Sel, m* carri»
age. — Sven, 77t. driver, coachman.
-väg, m. road, common way.

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