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\82 "Hedning
- Ut, to fit oat. ~ sig, V. r, to clear
one’s self.
Hed an, ad. already.
Bed (jar 69 m. freighter, owner of a ship.
—eri, 11. owners of a ship.
%edbar, a. valuable, solid, -bet, f.
intrinsic value, -beter, f. pl. valuable
Redd, m. road. ligga pa redden, to
ride at anchor in the road.
RedebOgen, a. ready, willing.
Redig, d. plain, evident, clear, —het,
f. order, distinctness, clearness,
Redlig, a. true, honest, ingenuous,
sincere, upright, -het, f. integrity,
RedlÖS, a. dismasted.
RedO, ad. ready, done, in order, -for-
drande, a. calling to an account.
-görelse, f. account, -visa, v. a.
to give account for. Inient.
Redskap, n. instrument, tool.,
imple-Redllficera, v. a. to reduce, to restrain.
—ktlOn, f. reduction; restraining.
Ref, f. fishing-line, angling-line.
Ref, n. gripes, colic; T. reef, -ben,
n. rib. -beiispjäll, n. baldrip.
-Orill, m. ringworm, tetter. -YCl, 771.
sandbank. -Vig, a. sarmentous.
Refer||at, n. report, statement, -ent,
m. reporter, —efa , V. a. to report.
Reft]jelbÖ*SSa, f. rifled gun. -la, v.
a. to rifle.
Reflektera, v. a. to reflect (on).
Reflex, m. reflection, -ion, f.
Reform, f. reform, -ation, f.
refor-mation, —era, v. a. to reform, -ert,
a. reformed. —, s. m. calvinist, protestant.
Refva, f. strip; cleft, breach, gap. —,
V. a. T. to reef (the sails).
Regal, Ö. regal, royal. —, 7ft. regal;
trestle. —ier, m. pl. ensigns of royalty ;
regalia, —papper, n. royal paper.
Eegel, f. rule, precept, fruntimmers
Teglort monthly courses, —bunden,
a. regular, -bundenhet, f. regu-
, larity. -1ÖS, a. irregular. {
Regel, m. bar, bolt. j
Regement||e, n. regiment,
-sförlnd-ring, f. revolution, -slakare, m.
surgeon - major. —SStftb, m.
field-officers of a regiment.
-Strumslft-gare, m. drum-major.
Regent, in. regent, interrex,
administrator, —in n a, f. queen, regent, go*
verness. —skap, n. regency.
Begerl|a, V. a. to govern, to rule, to
manage, to reign, —ing, f. reign,
government; administration,
-ings-108, a. anarchical. -ingsIOsliet,
f. anarchy, -ingsråd, 71. counsellor
of the regency,
Regist||er, n. register, record, table,
catalogue. — rator, m. register,
recorder, -ratnr, n. registry, -rera»
V. a. to register, to record.
Regle||mente, n. regulation, -ra, v.
a. to regulate,
Regn, n. rain, -a, V. n. to rain.
-aktig, a. pluvious, rainy, —båge,
m. rain-bow. -droppe, m.
raindrop. —ig, a. rainy, -kappa, fa
rain-cloak, -mask , m. earth-worm.
-skur, 77i. shower, -skarm, m.
umbrella. -Stailka, v. n. to drizzle.
-tack, n. eaves, -tät, a.
waterproof. —Vind, m. pluvious wind.
-väder, n. rainy weather.
Reklamera, v. a. to reclaim.
Rekognoscera, V. a. to reconnoitre.
Rekryt, m. recruit, -era, v. a. & n.
to recruit, to raise soldiers.
Religion, m. religion, -sbespottare,
m. derider of religion, libertine.
—S-frlhet, f. liberty of faith, -stvång,
n. constraint in the exercise of
religion. —SOfning, f. exercise of reli-
Reli^iOS, a. religious. fgion.
Reling, m. T. gunnel, gunwale.
Reli||k, m. relic.
Reill, f. thong, strap of leather; belt
—Sn i dare, m. strap-cutter, saddler.
Remi||ss, m. remittance; remitment.
—ttera, v. a. to remit.
Remmare, m. rummer; T. tiuoy fast»
ened to an anchor.
Remna, f. cleft, chap, gap. -. V. «fc
to crack, to chap, to chink.

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