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[MARC] Author: Johan Joachim Agrell - Tema: Frihetstiden (Sweden 1719-1772), Music
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Denna sida finns också på svenska.

An electronic edition by Johan Tufvesson. Frontpage

These sonatas have three composers, namely Johan (Giovanni) Agrell, Frederico Aurelli and Leonardi Vinci. It is not specified anywhere in the original who has written what music. If you have any information on which piece is written by which composer, please mail me. The picture to the right shows how the first page of my editions look like. It is an good approximation of the original frontpage.

All scores available at this page is distributed as 600 DPI postscript files through the links at each sonata. These PS-files are meant to be printed on double-sided A4 papers, and will produce one frontpage and 4 pages of music for each sonata. Of course it's also possible to print it using a single-page printer. To get a quick glance at what the music looks like before downloading, there is a GIF-file of the first page of music for every sonata.

Now you can also download all the 6 sonatas in one big file. It is printed as a document of 25 pages. That is a lot less than a double-sided printout of every sonata wich stops at 36 pages. The only thing that differs for a single-sided printout is that there is only one frontpage.

The original for this electronic edition is a facsimile of a 18:th century print from London, now kept in Statens musikbibliotek in Stockholm. I have tried to be as close to the original as possible, and in the rare cases where something has been added, this has been done between parentheses or by putting accidentals above the staffs.

Note that this is still a "living" material in the way that changes will be made when errors are found. The history log under each sonata will be updated accordingly. The revision number can be found on every page in the printed material to minimize the possibility of mixing scores of different age.

1 + 4 pages means 1 frontpage and 4 pages of music.

Sourcecode for all music on this page can be obtained as a ZIP-file. Source format is PMX.

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