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Per Brant

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Brant, Per (1714–1767), composer, musician, Sweden.

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Per Brant var under mer än 30 år anställd vid Hovkapellet och blev 1758 dess kapellmästare. Tillsammans med Roman hyste han planer på en musikalisk akademi, som dock inte förverkligades under hans livstid. Av de kompositioner som tidigare tillskrevs Brant kan bara en säkert tillskrivas honom.

In English: Per Brant was a pupil of Johan Helmich Roman, and succeded him as chief court Kapellmeister. He was very active as a copyist and much of the surviving music by Roman is in the hand of Per Brant. There are attributions to Brant as composer for 14 pieces, but only one of them are beyond all doubts by him (and that is not the sinfonia that I have published). An example of his handwriting can be seen at http://www.muslib.se/hand/piktur


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