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Peter Otto von Goetze

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Goetze, Peter Otto von (1793–1880), historian, translator, Russia.

Project Runeberg has published the following works that this author has translated:

Born in a family of German nobility in Reval (Tallinn, Estonia), Russian empire, studied in Dorpat (Tartu, Estonia), worked at the empire's ministry of ecclesiastic affairs (education) in Saint Petersburg and died there, buried at the Volkovo Lutheran cemetery.

In 1813, he translated Derzhavin's hymn (Grom pobedy, razdavaisia, 1791) into German (Siegesdonner, erklinge). He studied the Serbian language and published a collection of translated folk songs: Serbische Volkslieder (1827), which were translated into Swedish by Johan Ludvig Runeberg: Serviska folksånger (1830).


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