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Henrik Wergeland

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Wergeland, Henrik (1808–1845), politician, poet, Norway.

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Henrik Arnold Wergeland, Norwegian poet, born 17 Jun 1808, died 12 July 1845. For some of his early works he used the pseudonym Siful Sifadda. In 1840, he was appointed head of Norway's national archives, succeeded at his death by Kristian Kristofer Andreas Lange.


Se även Welhaven.


Sinclars død, drama, (late 1820s ?)
Skabelsen, mennesket og Messias, 1830
Criticism on this work started a long argument between Wergeland and Johan Welhaven.
Journal edited by Wergeland 1835-1837
Campbellerne, 1837
Czaris, 1838
Stockholmsfareren, farce
Engelsk salt, farce
Den konstitutionelle, farce
Vinægers fjeldeventyr, farce
Jøden, poetry, 1842
A display of Wergeland's sympathy for the Jews. He also lobbied for lifting the ban on Jewish immigration to Norway. It was finally lifted in 1851, six years after his death.
Jødinden, 1844
Den engelske lods, 1844
Hasselnødder, 1845
autobiography of the 1830s
Det befriede Europa
Kongens ankomst
Jan van Huysums blomsterstykke
Til min gyldenlak
Samlede skrifter, 9 vol., 1852-1857
collected works, edited by H. Lassen, who also published two editions of selected works by Wergeland.
Skrifter i udvalg, 7 vol., 1896-1897
selected works, with introductions by C. Nærup and J.E. Sars. (Sars was related to Welhaven)
O. Skavlan, H. W. Afhandlinger og brudstykker, 1892
Published after the death of author Olaf Skavlan

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