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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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work of cultivation. There are great cities which
develop the highest luxury of civilization and its
highest crimes, which build altars to Mammon,
and would make the whole world subservient.
There are also small communities which take
possession of land in the power of the peace principle
and in the name of the Prince of Peace.

I have made two agreeable acquaintances on
board in two gentlemen from Connecticut, strong,
downright Yankees, and the young daughter of
one, a most charming girl of twenty—a fresh
flower, both body and soul—a splendid specimen
of the daughters of New England. We have also
now a pair of giant women on board, such as
belong to the old mythological population of Utgard;
and I have been particularly amused by the
conflict between the wild and the cultivated races in
the persons of one of these ladies and my lovely
flower of New England. The former, in a steel-gray
dress, with a gray, fierce countenance, stiff
and middle-aged, sat smoking her pipe in the
ladies’ saloon when we entered it from the
dining-hall in the afternoon. She sat in the middle of the
room, and puffed out the smoke vehemently, looking
as if she would set the whole world at defiance.
The ladies looked at her, looked at each other,
were silent, and endured it for a while; the smoke,
however, became at length intolerable, and one

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