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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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womanhood. We must evolve into a nation of Priests
and Priestesses. Now that the great truth that God is
not only FATHER but also Mother is beginning to be
openly preached from our pulpits, Sex can no longer
be a bar sinister, excluding half humanity from the
reception of the sixth Sacrament.
The mission of the Priest is to offer up sacrifice.
The only sacrifice acceptable to God is the immolation
of Self. Whoever is willing to give up all that he
has and all that he is for love of the Redeemer is a
Priest or a Priestess in the kingdom of the Messiah.
The Priest is a King because he has legitimate
dominion over multitudes of less evolved beings and is
responsible for their spiritual welfare.
He is a Prophet, because he is appointed to hand
down the riches of Heaven, to which he has free access,
unto those who are beneath him on the ladder. One
of his hands must be lifted up to Receive, the other
one stretched down to Bestow. That is the mystic
attitude which meets us so frequently on drawings and
monuments, intended to transmit to coming ages the
Ancient Wisdom. " Solve et Coagula," the famous
occult formula, corresponds to the power to loose and
to bind, granted by Christ to the Apostles when He
conferred upon them the sixth Sacrament.
That power is bestowed only upon those souls who
have actually ascended the Ladder and passed vic-
toriously through all the phases of Re-generation. The

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