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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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true Priest has the glorious mission of liberating his
fellow-creatures. The intolerable chains forged by
Ignorance and Fanaticism snap asunder at the magic
touch of the shining sword in his hand. That all-
powerful weapon is

The Word of God. A Word
not shrouded in the venerable garb of antiquity, and
emerging from the pages of a justly reverenced Book,
but a Living Word, emanating from a heart filled by
the Holy Ghost.
The true Priest is a Mediator between God and Man.
Unto him alone is granted access into the Holiest of
Holies. In rare and solemn hours of deep contempla-
tion his enraptured Soul is lifted beyond the Veil, and
he enjoys the Beatific Vision. He sees no longer
"in a glass dimly,’’ but face to face. These rare
moments—sacred beyond expression—are the preludes
to the Ineffable Joy, which is reserved for the Soul on
the last rung of the Heavenly Ladder.
But the Priest is not yet entitled to remain per-
petually in the Sanctuary. He has still many duties
to perform. The six days of toil are approaching their
end ; a period of intense activity precedes the coming
of the Great Sabbath. On the sixth rung the Soul is
Betrothed to the Divine Bridegroom ; it is not yet
Wedded. It has fugitive glimpses of the Beloved, but
has not yet conquered the right to remain for ever in
His presence.
But when it has received the Seventh Sacrament,

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