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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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then the Soul enjoys Eternal Rest. It enters into
the peace that passeth all understanding. " It will go
out no more "
—that is, it will never more re-incarnate.
The Prodigal Son has definitely returned home ; he has
for ever left "the far country," where it was his fate to
be " fed on husks." And, behold !—the very minute
he " arose," and began to ascend the Ladder, his father
descended and ran to meet him on the third rung, and
brought him the " meat " of heaven. And when the
prodigal said " Father, I have sinned ! "—then he
received the white robe, and finally the mystic Ring,
the symbol of the Seventh Sacrament, Marriage, the
indissoluble union of the Redeemer and the Redeemed.
Of the Unio Mystica I dare not speak. It is a sub-
ject too holy to be treated publicly without profanation.
What bride would describe to strangers the rapture of
the first embrace ? The Soul, which has enjoyed " the
kiss of the Heavenly Sophia" (Divine Wisdom)—to
use Jacob Boehme’s expression—will divulge nothing
concerning the Sacrament of Marriage.
One thing is certain ; it was not instituted in order
to legalize the physical union of man and woman. That
union is, under present conditions, indispensable for the
propagation of the human race. It is highly important
for the welfare of the child that the knot uniting its
parents should be solidly tied. But the link is not, by
its own nature, unseverable.
The great argument, " What God united let no man

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