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(1911) [MARC] [MARC] Author: Gustav Sundbärg - Tema: Americana
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Det svenska folklynnet



Gustav Sundbärg

P. A. Norstedt & söners förlag

Kungl. hofboktryckeriet Iduns tryckeri A.-B.

Preface to the Electronic Edition

Gustav Sundbärg is not primarily known as a man of humor, but as a skilled statistician and demographer. In this book, still, he presents a series of aphorisms on the "Swedish people's temperament", so the title translates. A few years before this book appeared, Gustav Sundbärg had led the Swedish government's investigation on emigration, and he touches on this topic also in this book.

The 142 text pages are presented in facsimile, 150 dpi grayscale, in combination with raw OCR text. While this resolution enlarges the images, this has found to be necessary for some of the small print.

The forths edition of the work has been digitized by the University of Toronto in January 2009 and adapted for Project Runeberg in April 2013 by Ralph E.

Compere Emigrationsutredningen, Bilaga XVI!

The book can be read as a book in colour at the Internet-Archive.

This volume was scanned by the University of Toronto and made available by the Internet Archive, from where the scanned images were copied to Project Runeberg. We very much appreciate that they have made this possible and want to encourage other digital library projects to follow their example. Read more about Project Runeberg's image sources.

The above contents can be inspected in scanned images: Omslag, Omslag, Titel, tryckning, innehåll, blank, Omslag, Omslag

Korrstapel / Proof bar for this volume

Innehåll / Table of Contents

Titel och innehåll - Omslag, Omslag, Titel, tryckning, innehåll, blank, Omslag, Omslag
Förord - förord
Inledning - 1
Bristen på psykologi - 8
Bristen på nationell instinkt - 27
Vår historieläsning - 61
Sverige och Norge - 71
Svensken såsom ekonomiskt verksam - 80
Skandinavismen - 86
Strödda iakttagelser - 100
Svenskarna i Amerika - 116
Den nya tiden - 135

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