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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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136 The Holy Spirit in Missions
off"—as far as New York? Yes. As far as Chicago? Yes. As far as
Moscow? Yes. Dr. Pierson discovered that. Then he bent himself
before the Lord and asked in faith for what belonged to him; be-
cause, of course, every blessing does belong to us. But there are some
people who do not understand that every promise is given to us; every
blessing that belongs to the children of God is ours. Yet, in order
that they should become ours, we have to appropriate them by faith.
If a rich man would deposit for you in the State Bank of Chicago
a thousand dollars in your name, you would still have to live without
it, unless you draw a check and go and claim the money at the bank.
So all the promises of God are ours, but we have to go and claim
them by faith. There are lots of good things in the department stores;
things you want and need; but unless you take the trouble to go to
the store and pick out what you want, you won’t have anything. Now,
Dr. Pierson claimed this promise. And this is what was impressed
upon my mind, as I read about it. He said that after he experienced
by faith this filling with the Holy Spirit, in six months he had more
blessing in his ministry than in the twenty-five years before. Now
that is simply a testimony. We have no reason to doubt his experience
or question his testimony.
Dr. Torrey, who is to preach in this tabernacle next Sunday, one
of the men whom I consider among the most deeply taught of God
in this land, had an experience on the same order, and thousands
of men have had the same experience in a measure much like my
own. I have had a degree of God’s blessing since I fully surrendered
to God. Now, you know there are a great many people who do not
understand the simple meaning of the Bible in these matters. When
a message comes which ought to be applied to our heart, either we
shut it out and say that it doesn’t belong to us, or else we apply it to
somebody outside, or else we say it belongs to the millennium. The
other day I heard, for instance, that a minister said the Lord’s Prayer
belonged to the millennium. He said, "Our Father, who art in
heaven," doesn’t belong to this period at all. Well, bless your heart!
You can wait for the millennium, if you like; I am going to pray now,
because He is my Father now.
The World Within
Note also, "Whom the world cannot receive." Let us look for
"the world" now, not out on the market place, not across the sea,
not anywhere far away; but let us look for the world in a little place
called our heart, and let us examine here something of the world.
Any man who makes this world great and tries to be so much at-
tached to what is happening down in this world, you watch that man
and you will notice the absence of the Holy Spirit’s anointing. There

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