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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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A Symposium 203
Russian people, or any other people. Many a man wouldn’t care to
stand on the street corner and listen to a preacher. Another man
wouldn’t let you into his home, but he will read a tract, if you send
it to him. The Russians, especially the common folks, have no waste
baskets in their houses. They won’t throw away a letter, they won’t
throw away anything. A man receives a tract, he will keep it in his
pocket until it is worn out. If Pastor Fetler, or the Chicago Tract
Society would take up this method of getting hold of the Russians, I
think it would be a fine way of reaching them.
I want to tell you, dear Christian friends, that it was a very inspir-
ing talk we just heard. Let us go back to the good old English
proverb: "Where there is a will, there is a way." I am a little bit
sick of the talk of systems, or organizations, and that kind of thing.
Of course, it is very good to have systems and organizations, but when
there are such vital matters to treat, then let us not bother about the
system, let us get at the heart of the matter. The poorest system of
course is better than no system at all, and, therefore if you have a
poor system, come along with your poor system and help. If there is
a fire, people will not criticise me because I take a poor pail and help
to quench the fire. And if the pail is red or blue or green, people will
not criticise me for that.
You know that beautiful text: "They divided my garments among
them, and for my vesture did they cast lots." There is so much divid-
ing of truth these days. One denomination studies a beautiful truth
and they fondle it and press it to their bosoms and run away with that
beautiful truth. Another Christian denomination comes along and
gets hold of another truth and runs away with that. The third one
runs away with another truth. But that doesn’t affect Christ. He is
the living Christ, the invisible Christ. It is only His garments that
those who crucified him divided and ran away with.
If you thank Christ for what He has given you, it doesn’t mean that
you are a Christian. So did the soldiers, I am sure. They thanked
Him for what they got from Him and ran away with it. That didn’t
affect vital Christianity. Vital Christianity is Christ Jesus living in
you and me by faith—Christ in us the Hope of Glory. What has been
divided is not the vital Christ. It is only His garments. I hope that
you and I will not be in the last day among those who divided His cor-
ruptible things, and who crucified Him at the same time. I want that
we may be among those who laid hold of His indivisible, vital Spirit,
His very life, and who gave praise to God for that life and who live
it out and show it forth to the world.

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