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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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204 Reaching the Russian and Slavonic Peoples
MR. C. E. PUTNAM of Richmond, Kansas
I just want to ask a question. As a business man, this subject ap-
peals to me, "The Practicability of Reaching the Slavonic Peoples
of Europe Through Their Brothers now in the United States and
Canada." From what has been said here, it would seem to me that
we have got enough material. If we have thirty thousand Russians
in Chicago and four million Poles in the United States, we have got
material enough right here to prepare missionaries to go over there
and carry the Gospel to those people. As a business man, that seems
to me to be the practical thing to do. You know some farmers have
a great deal of machinery. I have seen farmers with practically no
machinery doing their work almost entirely without the use of ma-
chinery, and they have accomplished more than the farmers who had
a good deal of it. Why? Because they used the material they had
and kept at it. My thought is, that the practical way would be to
use the material we have and prepare these men to send over there
and carry the Gospel to their own people.
REV. HOWARD W. POPE of the Moody Bible Institute
All of us cannot go to Russia, and even if we could, we could only
reach a few hundred, or a few thousand of those Russian people in
the course of a lifetime. But there is a way by which every one of
us,—no matter how old or how young, and no matter what language
we speak,—there is a way by which every one of us can reach every
one of these Russian people and bring the grace of God to bear
upon them.
About thirty years ago I was preaching a series of sermons on
Abraham, and as I went along I tried to apply the teaching to my-
self before I gave it to the people. I came to the passage where
God told Abraham that he should be a blessing to all nations. "Well,"
I said, "Lord, that’s good. I can see how Abraham through Christ
became a blessing to all nations. But Lord, how am I going to be
a blessing to all nations? I am one of Thy children. I want as much
as Brother Abraham. Show me how I can be a blessing to all
people." And the Lord showed me that by the way of intercession I
could reach every man, woman and child on the face of the globe, one
billion, five hundred millions of them. "And you can do it every day
of your life. You can bring to bear upon them the grace of God, to
create in them a hunger and a thirst for the truth, the truth as it is
in Jesus, to prepare their hearts for the coming of the Gospel and
the missionary." "Well," I said, "Lord, if I can, have mercy on me
if I don’t." And there has not been a day in my life since, so far

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