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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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A Symposium 205
as I know, when it has not been one of my petitions that God would
bless all people that on earth do dwell, every man, woman and child.
One of the practical advantages of this is that you never meet a per-
son whom you have not prayed for. The majority of you who are
here today I have never seen before, and yet there is not one of you
that I have not prayed for thousands of times.
Many a time I have met a man on the train, and in the course of our
conversation I have said: "My friend, I have prayed for you hundreds
of times." The man would look at me and say: "Did you ever see
me before?" "Not to my knowledge." "Well, do you mean to tell me
that you have prayed for me then?" "Yes, that is one of the mysteries
of the kingdom. If you were a child of God, you would understand
it. And if you will accept Christ and come into the kingdom, you
will find out how it is possible to do this, and you will learn a good
many other things that you do not know now." Friends, let every
one of us remember that there is one way by which we can reach
every Russian on the face of the globe.
MR. H. B. CENTZ of the Russian Bible Institute of Philadelphia
There is no doubt that in future days Russia will look to the Ameri-
can people for leadership in many ways, and the Russian rank and
file will look to their brethren and sisters and the future sons and
daughters will look to their fathers and mothers who are now in
America for leadership in both social and religious matters. Now, if
we want to reach the Russian people through their relatives and
through men and women of their own nationality now in America, we
must be careful to send back to that land men who are not only
Americanized but who are thoroughly Christianized and Spirit-filled.
I think here has been one failure of the churches in America. They
have tried to Americanize the foreigner more than to Christianize
him. I know this from experience.
Now, my friends, the necessary thing to do is to take up a method
like that which Pastor Petler is trying to carry out. He gets the
Russians and other Slavonic people into his school, not with the idea
so much of giving them a theological training as with the idea that if
God does not call them to active religious work in the way of minis-
tering from the pulpit, they will still go back to their villages and
little towns and live there the Christ life and thereby exert an in-
fluence for God over the people, as they work among them. The great
need today, if we want to reach the people across the sea through the
Slavonic people who are here in America, is to be sure about the con-
version of these people, and we must think very seriously about the
way their spiritual life is nurtured and safeguarded before they re-
turn to their neglected relatives in Europe.

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