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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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206 Beaching the Russian and Slavonic Peoples
MB. D. KUiEN, a Missionary from China
I have just returned from China. In our work there we have the
songs and hymns, which are used here in America and in England.
But those songs that we sing with the Chinese do not seem to take
very well. So the Chinese Christians, some of them, started to com-
pose their own songs to their own tunes. They don’t have much tunes
in Chinese, but those songs they take home to their hearts in a way
they didn’t the others. Now then, I think that if some of the Russian
brethren instead of translating English and American hymns into
Russian, would compose them, themselves, in the Russian language,
they might be found as helpful as we have found the Chinese hymns
out in our work. May God bless this work!
I was thinking not only about the evangelization, or how to bring
others to Christ, but how to keep in Christ those who are converted.
Now as far as I know the spiritual standing of churches among the
foreign people, I must confess that there must be something done not
only to bring to Christ, but also to help abide in Christ. You Ameri-
can people get very much from conferences, like the English people
at Keswick, but the Russian Christians do not have anything of that
sort. You Americans get much blessing and help in conferences in
churches and in Bible teaching meetings. The Russian churches have
nothing of that kind. Now this is the question: Can there be some-
thing done in this line? Think about it. Again, Christian friends, if
you want to reach the Russian people, do it without mixing up with
politics. The Russian people are afraid of politics in religion, because
of the history of Russia. If you want to make a good citizen of a
Russian, don’t talk to him of politics, but bring him to Christ, and
then he will become a good citizen; but if you talk to make him a
crood citizen first, you will only frighten him and he will remain in
drunkenness and in all kinds of spiritual darkness, and he will never
become a good citizen and a good American.
Now I am very thankful to have heard such a great number of
friends express themselves upon such a vital subject. This conference
would have remained rather poor in this one respect, if the whole
attention had been given only to addresses without this discussion.
Now, first, we must understand the difference between general foreign
mission work such as that in China, Africa and so on, and the pro-
gram which has been placed before us during this conference. The

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