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(1993-2001) Author: Sven Anér
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Note: This work was first published in 1993, less than 70 years ago. Sven Anér died in 2018, less than 70 years ago. Therefore, this work is protected by copyright, restricting your legal rights to reproduce it. However, you are welcome to view it on screen, as you do now. Read more about copyright.

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4 PALME-nytt

nm "■ur Tzraz tax’h-jss ’g tszs -srr onnettomuustutk iwtakesk ’

358 0 1S1G524

30/09/94 0g:17 TIKE/RULE

- z -


5. Vas.ily Velichko - dealing- with sea and underwater operations
from 1975. Diver. Participant of many sea rescue and ship lifting
operations such as "Admiral Nakhimov". Chief of the mobile search and
rescue unit.

7. Vladimir Zakharchenko - dealing with rescue operations from
1904. Participant of the sea search operation to find the rest of the
aircraft "B-747", brought down In the Far-East of Russia.

8. Victor Sourkont - expert, EMERCOM’s International Department.

Q. Vladimir Boreiko - expert, EMERCOM’s International Department.

The group is ready to start by special flight of the EMERCOM’s
aircraft IL-76 to the area of accident by your request.

S. As an alternative way of the expert assessment of the
situation ;in the area of shipwreck we would like to propose to
organise a telecommunication session of Russian and Finnish experts.

3. We propose to use capabilities of the deep-water apparatus
"Mir" (“Pehce") based on board of the Russian Scientific and research
ship "Academician Keldish" which is now in Atlantic. It can come to
the area of shipwreck after October Both.

4. We. are coneidering to participate the diving operation in the
area of accident. Our proposals will be provided later on.

Looking forward to your quick replay to this fax-message.

Sincerely yours,

PS 23.10. kl 16.00: Jurij Brazjnikov
/svensk-rysk stavning/ bekräftar vid
samtal med undertecknad Sven Anér
att exakt samma brev som till Finland
sändes även till Sverige! Brazjnikov
kommer att sända kopia av brevet till
PALME-nytt - men varför finns inte
detta brev hos svenska UD???

Yuri Brajnikov


International Department


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