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(1993-2001) Author: Sven Anér
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Note: This work was first published in 1993, less than 70 years ago. Sven Anér died in 2018, less than 70 years ago. Therefore, this work is protected by copyright, restricting your legal rights to reproduce it. However, you are welcome to view it on screen, as you do now. Read more about copyright.

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ü’"g "f 12:"î£TAI_V3$» y -ms_ISri_^_’.;ONNETTilMUUSTUTKnvTAKESK


338 0 161S52-3

_30/09^SA 08:17 TIKE/RULE



of Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies
arid Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters
(EMERCOM of Russia)

lephon»: (7096) 926-35-90

095J 920-37-Î8 ((lay and nl^ht)

Moscow, Sptember 29 th, 1994

109013 • Moftoow, To«trnlny pr^zd, 3

Teninx;(7035) 924.84-10
Telex: 412327 OPttON 5U

To: Mr.Tlino Eskstien

Commander of Finnish
Frontier Guard
Fax: 3580.161.65*20

Dear Sir,

1 would like to inform you that the L’MERCOM’s Minister Mr.Sergei
Shoigou proposes to send the group of experts and specialists to the
area of shipwreck to provide assistance In on-site assessment of the

The group will consist of the following experts;

1. Nikolai BoUrkov - dealing with sea rescue operatios from 1958.
Deputy Chief, General Department of the State Sea Rescue Service.
Participant of many sea arid underwater rescue operations.

2. Nikolai Koloskov - dealing with- sea rescue operations from
1972. Chief of EMERCOM’s Department. Participant of the sea rescue
operation Tn Bangladesh, underwater rescue operations to save ttr
personnel;of the Russian submarines C-178 and K-429.

3. Leonid Nejmakov - dealing with sea and underwater rescue

operations from 1961. Deputy Director of the Deparment "Morn;)eft" (Oil
research at sea). Participant of the sea rescue operation after the
shipwreck: "Admiral Nakhimov". * •

i. Yuri Elovecho - dealing with sea and underwater operations
from 19721 ’ Chief of Desk.. Participant of the underwater rescue
operation, to lift the Russian submarine C-80. •:

5. Vladimir Efremov - dealing with sea rescue operations frc
I960. Ch|ief of Desk for search and rescue. Participant of many sea
rescue sh’ip lifting operation. ~r ’ ■ ;

! 11/01:3 ‘

I • ’* t’ . V:.

ZlT/UlT iff 12:82 FAX +358 9~f825~78fr ONNETTiUnmyrnm.* - *.-...

P ALME-nytt

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