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Áimqvist-bref från Amerika. 115

of my christian-names, Ludwig, or Louis, in a familiar way
abbre-viated, and so used amongst my acquaintences and relations); 3) in
a general apperçu of the newest Swedish Literatur, where Almqvists
person takes a place. There are in existence a great many Swedish
Writings (in pamphlets and newspaperarticles) published about me;
but it would be too troublesome for you to notice that. In french,
german, and english there may be some other ephemerical artides,
touching Almqvist: howe ver, as not knowing something möre
perti-nent of them, although I have heard of them, I can’t speak of them.
Probably you would like besl some comprehensive english work of
easier access to you; for instance, Lynch Bottas »Handbook of
Universal History», New York 1860; where pag. 402 <fcc. Almqvist is
spöken of, very shortly. Möre extensive is the »Literatur and
Ro-mance of Northern Europé», by William and Mary Ilowitt, London
1852, where you may see a tolerably long article addicted to
Almqvist, Vol. II, pag. 415—424 (NB. the author writes J. C. L.
Almqvist: should be C. J. L., as my name in Swedish properly is »Carl
Jonas Ludvig» — or, as you wrould have it in english: »Charles
Jones Lewis»). — Sweden stånds in great obligation to W. & M.
Howitt, for their able translations of our good and lovely Fredrika
Bremers Novels; and the particular pain they have taken to make
other Swedish Writers known in England is also very praisworthy.
As to me, I have to thank them for the same attention. Gandidly
I may say to you, Mr Morgan, that it perhaps seems not so little
stränge of me, that I should recommend Howitts book as a work,
wherefrom to compile (or to work upon) for the purpose in question,
as in Howitts article ön Almqvist there occur not few very hård
strictures and sayings against me, derived in many places from some
of my very worst Adversaries x and professed antagonists in Sweden,

1 When I speak of Adversaries, I don’t mean personal Enemies, or Foes,
properly. Such I have none; and I never had. Nobody hates me, I am sure;
as I hated and hate nobody. But when I, according to my best understanding
and deepest convictions, took a certain firm stånd for my ideas and principles
— religious, political, philosophical and artistical — it was a matter of course,
that other people, not liking those principles, saw very proper to persecute them,
and to prosecute me in the same — not for my person, but as a promotor or
rather a kind of vehicle for the ideas they wished to have condemned. The
dispute, the whole contest, would have been fair play, if my opponents had made
use of nötning but reason and good reasons. But unable, as it seems, to
con-trovert the ideas I held, or to, with better or higher reasons, put down the
principles upon winch they were founded, these combattants thought it easier —

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