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Ü6 Harald Wieselgren,

f. i. the Swedish Bee; Swed. Minerva &c; but that matters not. lf
you will make use of Howitt, you will find ample materials and
literary facts, although th ey must be used with caution (see the
above Note). Be this as it may; I leave it all to your own
judgment and pleasure. At the end there occurs a mysterious story,
concerning Almqvists travelling to America. Almqvist had for some
time been in economical connexions with and old gentleman in
Sweden. This man wanted to accumulate möre wealth by putting
money in foreign funds, statepapers or bonds; and thrusted in this
affair to some foreign people, who, unfortunately, afterwards proved
to be very unreliable persons. Nothing now could be möre natural,
than that Almqvist, who at that time was a partner in some of the
old Gentlemans money-affairs, right away started in hot pursuit after
these foreigners (and.secretly, to get hold of them unawares); thinking
first to find them out in Sweden; thereafter in Germany, where
they were gone; so in England; and at last in America. In the
mean time, when Almqvist, ön that account was departed from
Swreden, the old Gentleman, to make his case (and especially his
own part of the affair) the möre sure, thought proper to commence
a kind of lawsuit, in which Almqvist also was complicated, and
things of almost every sort were mixt up. Almqvist got no notice
of all that before he was abroad and already far away in foreign
parts; and as he never had been summoned to appear before this
court, he of course did not appear; and he had no reason in the
world to by a homeward voyage give up the pursuit of the foreign
malefactors and abandon the whole affair, which at that time was
of great importance. He satisfied the old Gentleman by letters about
the state of the case; and the whole lawsuit in a short time came
to nothing, as from the first beginning made up of nothing: the old
Gentleman himself living several years afterwards until his death,
which happened in a good and common way. But to return. As
Almqvist once saw himself ön the American soil, and always had
been very fond of travelling in foreign countries, he continued there

as it really was — to give me personally foul names, such as charlatan, monster,
superficial, a man who likes to make White black and Black white, a Witch
ri-ding ön a broomstick, and such like miserable abuses. I take Mr Howitt
al-thogether free from those abuses, in some places occuring in his book, against
me. These things are imported and compiled from certain Swedish theological
and æsthetical Controversialists: I recognise the very words, the very terms: they
are nothing but old acquaintences to me.

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