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January 2007 Front Page

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Project Runeberg's front page section for January 2007:
Gustav Vasas rustning, ur
Bilder av märkligare föremål i
kungl. livrustkammaren

Who died in 1936?

Who died in 1936? Well, certainly not the tin man to the right. That's the armour of Sweden's 16th century king Gustav Vasa. This is one of many objects on display at the Royal Armoury (Livrustkammaren) in Stockholm, described and depicted in the recently digitized book Bilder av märkligare föremål i kungl. livrustkammaren (1927).

The copyright of a book expires when the author has been dead for 70 years. With every new year, a new harvest of fallen authors' literature becomes available to free Internet publishing. Now in 2007 we have free access to works by authors who died in 1936. So who died in 1936? Are there any books we should digitize? You can find out who they are by searching our database of Nordic Authors.

For non-Scandinavian authors, such as Rudyard Kipling and Maxim Gorky who both died in 1936, we will also have to respect the death year of any named translators.

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