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Karl Gjellerup

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Gjellerup, Karl (1857–1919), writer, Denmark.

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Karl Adolph Gjellerup 1857-1919 Nobel-vinder

Was born on June 2, 1857, in the Roholte vicarage at Praestv., Denmark
Graduated summa cum laude from Haerslevs Grammar School in 1874.
Studied theology. Earned B.D. (summa cum laude) in June of 1878.

In 1917, Karl Adolph Gjellerup received the Nobel Prize for literature, "for his varied and rich poetry, which is inspired by lofty ideals". The prize was divided equally between Gjellerup and Henrik Pontoppidan. See also The Nobel Foundation, their presentation of the laureates, and Project Runeberg's Tema Nobel Prize winners.

Karl Gjellerup died in Klotzsche, near Dresden, in 1919.


Skrifter / Works

En idealist, 1878
written under a pseudonym
Den evige strid, 1878
written under a pseudonym
Arvelighed og moral, 1881
was awarded the University Gold Medal.
Germanernes laerling, novel, 1882
Rødtjørn, poetry, 1881
Aander og tider, 1882
Romulus, 1883
G-Dur, 1883
En klassisk maaned, 1884
Brynhild, lyric tragedy, 1884
Received with excitement
Vandreaaret, 1885
Thamyris, dramatic-lyrical poem, 1887
The latter along with Brynhild was responsible for the author's receiving a state pension for life.
Hagbard og Signe, lyrical tragedy, 1888
("Hagbard and Signe"),
Minna, novel, 1889
Min kaerligheds bog, poetry collection, 1889
Herman Vandel, play, 1891
Wuthhorn, 1893
Essay about Wagner's Nibelungenring and translated the songs of the gods in the Edda.
Kong Hjarne, tragedy, 1893
Fabler. Fra vaar til høst. To fragmenter
Pastor Mors, 1894
in German
Møllen, novel, 1896
Ved graensen, novel, 1897
Gift og modgift, verse comedy, 1898
Tankelaeserinden, novel, 1901
Die Opferfeuer, drama, 1903
written in German
Das Weib des Vollendeten, 1907
written in German
Der Pilger Kamanita, poetic novels, 1906
written in German
Die Weltwanderer, 1910
written in German
Rudolf Stens Landpraxis or Reif för das Leben, 1913
("Ripe for Life") written in German
Die Gottesfreunde, 1916
written in German
Der goldene Zweig, 1917
written in German

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