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George Scott

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Scott, George (1804–1874), preacher, Great Britain, Sweden.

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George Scott, born on June 18, 1804 in Edinburgh, died January 28, 1874, methodist preacher, called to Sweden in 1830 by British immigrants, among them the engineer Samuel Owen. Scott soon learned and started to preach in Swedish. Among his followers were Carl Olof Rosenius. In January 1842, the two of them founded the magazine Pietisten, which in 1868 was continued by Paul Peter Waldenström. Even though Scott preached "practical Christianity" and sobriety rather than the politics of separation from the state church, he did get enemies. A violent mob appeared outside the English church (Betlehemskyrkan) in Stockholm on Palm Sunday March 20, 1842. Scott left Sweden soon after this. The chapel wasn't reopened until 1851.


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