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Edith Södergran

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Södergran, Edith (1892–1923), poet, Finland.

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Finland-Swedish modernism was introduced by Edith Södergran (1892-1923). She didn't receive much recognition in her lifetime, but is now regarded one of Finland's foremost poets. She was first influenced by French symbolism, then German expressionism and Russian futurism, and creatively applied these to her own poetry. Her free rhythm, strong, challenging images fired by a Nietzschean self-conscience and conviction of the importance of her message were new and baffling to the Finnish audience, and she was almost without exception misunderstood and even ridiculed. Her first collection of poems was Dikter (Poems, 1916), which was followed by Rosenaltaret (The Rose Altar, 1919) and Landet som icke är (The land that is not, 1925) among others. Always physically weak and somewhat sickly, she died young just as she was starting to get followers. Among these the most important were Elmer Diktonius (1896-1961), Gunnar Björling (1887-1960) and Rabbe Enckell (1903-74).
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There is a bilingual (Swedish-English) edition with English translations by Stina Katchadourian, Love and Solitude. Selected Poems 1916-1923, San Francisco : Fjord Press, 1981; 3rd ed., Seattle, Washington : Fjord Press, 1992.


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