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(1912) Author: Ellen Key
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Full resolution (TIFF) - On this page / på denna sida - IX. Översikt av litteratur i barnpsykologi, m. m.

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översikt av litteratur


Chrisman, A year with a little girl, Educ. rev. New-York
1894, 19 s.

— Child study: a new Departement of Education. Forum

1894, 8 s.

Mangasarian, The punishment of children, Internat. journ.

of ethics, 1894, 5 s.
Barns, Methods and difficulties of Child-study. Forum,

1895, 6 s.

Louch, A laboratory for childstudy. Journ. of educ., 1895.
Lowden, The first halfyear of a childs life, 1895, 30 s.
Oppenheim, Why children lie. Pop. Sc. Monthly, 1895, 5 s.
Roarkt Psychology in education, New-York, 1895, 312 s.
Chamberlain, The child and childhood in folkthought, New-

York, 1896, 464 s.
Lems, The child: Its spiritual Significance, London and

New-York, 1896, 222 s.
Hall, The methods, status and prospects of the childstudy
of to-day, Träns. 111. Soc. Child. St., 1897, 13 s.
Louch, Difference between children and grown-up people
from the childs standpoint, Ped. Sem., 1897, 6 s.
Darrah, A study of childrens ideals, Pop. Sc. M. 1898,
10 s.

Dutton, Menagement of precocious children, Cleveland,

Med. Mag., 1898, 8 s.
Gould, Child fetiches, Pedag. sem., 1898, 4 s.
Taylor, The study of the child. New-York, 1898, 215 8.
Warner, The study of children and their schooltraining,

New-York, 1897, 264 s.
Wilson, Bibliography of Child Study, Ped. Sem. V. VI.,

1898, 48 s., 1899, 24 s.
W. P. Harris, Psychological foundations of education,

]. Mac Cosh, Psychology. The motive powers: emotion,
conscience, will.

Betydelsefullast äro professor Sully’s arbeten:
Studies from childhood (med Extracts from a Fathers
Diary). Outlines of psychology. The human mind. The
first three years of childhood. Illusion, lnfant psychology
(i Journal of Education).

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