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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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location and plan. One drives as if in an extensive
English park, amid hill and dale. From the highest
point, Ocean Hill as it is called, one looks out
to the sea—a glorious view. I should like to repose

Newburgh, on the Hudson, October 7. How
glad I am to be here in the young New World!
How thankful I am to Providence, who, in His
mercy, through the impulse of mind and of steam,
brought me happily hither, although I am at the
same time almost as much burdened as elevated
by the crowd of impressions and thoughts which,
as it were, rush in upon me at once.

Everything of which I have had a foretaste,
which I have sought after and longed for, I meet
with here, and more than that. I mean light and
nourishment for the inquiring and searching spirit
within me. I consider myself especially fortunate
in coming in contact with Mr. Downing, a noble
and acutely discriminating mind, a true American,
yet without blind patriotism; an open heart and
critically sagacious intellect—one who can assist
me in understanding the conditions and problems
of this country.

It was really imperative, also, that I should be
released bodily from my friends of the Astor
House and New York, who otherwise would have

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