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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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petrified orthodoxy and the petrified church he is
often happy and true. But I think that people
may say of him as somebody said about a greater
man, Luther, “Il a bien critiqué mais pauvrement
Parker, however, is serious in his
investigation and speaks out his thoughts honestly,
and that is always a great merit. More we can
hardly desire of a man. Beyond this he is said to
be good, to do much good, and I believe that from
his kind and beautiful eyes. In short, I like the

The next day I was taken to Cambridge, to the
Lowells, from whom I had received an invitation
through Mr. Downing, who had written to the
poet of the pleasure which his writings had given
me. There I have now been a week, and I shall
remain yet a week longer; they will have me stay,
and I am quite willing, because I am heartily
contented in this excellent, agreeable home. The
house and a small quantity of land which surrounds
it belong to the father of the poet, Dr.
Lowell, a handsome man, universally beloved and
respected, and the oldest minister in Massachusetts.
He planted all the trees round the house,
among which are many fine Northern pines. The
whole family assembles every day for morning
and evening prayer around the old man; and it is
he who blesses every meal. His prayers, which

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