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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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singing of hymns continued, though much lower;
still the leaders exhorted; still the young girl slept
her mysterious sleep; still the women watched,
waited and fanned her in their mourning attire.
A few oppressed souls still lay bowed upon the
counter, and still the preachers were giving
consolation either by word or song. By degrees the
people assembled in the tabernacle dispersed,
scattered themselves in the woods, or withdrew to
their tents. Even the young sleeping girl awoke,
and by her friends was led away from the crowd.
We went the round of the camp, especially on the
black side. Here all the tents were still full of
religious exaltation, each separate tent presenting
some new phase. In one we saw a zealous convert
giving vent to newly-awakened feelings with
violent gesticulations, surrounded by devout
auditors; in another we saw a whole crowd of blacks
on their knees, all dressed in white, striking themselves
on the breast, and crying out and talking
with the greatest pathos; in a third women were
dancing the “holy dance” for one of the newly
converted. This dancing, however, having been
forbidden by the preachers, ceased immediately on
our entering the tent. I saw merely a rocking
movement of women who held each other by the
hand in a circle, singing the while. In a fourth, a
song of the spiritual Canaan was being sung

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