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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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“Sir, I regard Tom Jefferson as the compound of
everything which is rascally, mean, wicked,
dishonorable, etc., etc.”-the flood of accusation
continuing certainly for three minutes and ending
with, “Yes, that is what I say, sir!”

“That is strong language, sir,” replied the other,
still calm and half smiling.

“Sir!” again exclaimed the accuser, “Tom
Jefferson was the cause of my father losing fifty
thousand dollars through the embargo!”

With these words he reseated himself, red in the
face as a turkey-cock, and with an air as if to
say that after that nothing more could be said. A
smile was on almost every countenance in the railway
carriage; and when Tom Jefferson’s enemy
soon after took his departure, the thin gentleman
turned to me, saying, in his good-tempered, calm
way, “That settles it! Jefferson was certainly a
bad man; but in any case, he was a patriot.”

Macon, May 8. (To her Mother.) How well
and happy I am among the kind people in this
hospitable country, which has become to me like a
vast home, you have already seen in my letters.
I go from home to home in America, and am
everywhere received and treated like a child of
the house. Besides the excellent effect of this on
the health of both body and soul, it affords me an

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