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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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ended the wretched Dargo expedition of 1845.
Tsar Nicholas now began to understand that
Imperial orders from St. Petersburg were not
enough to lay the bandit Shamyl’s head at his feet.
ShamyPs most daring deed at this time was his raid
into Kabardia on the lowlands both sides of the
Terek north and north-west of Vladikavkaz. The
brave moimtain tribes in the north-western Cau
casus, who were also carrying on a stem struggle
for their freedom, were separated from Chechnia
by the fruitful Kabardia, which since 1822 had
been in Russian hands. If Shamyl could only
succeed in getting the war-like and numerous
Kabardians to rise and join him, his fighting
strength would be very considerably increased, and
there would be an unbroken line of communication
with the north-western Caucasus. The Russians
would then have to face an unbroken front and a
confederation more dangerous than at any time
before. Shamyl, therefore, made great efforts by
way of promises and threats to persuade the
Kabardians to join their fellow-believers against
the unbelievers ; and last of all in 1 845 he sent them
a proclamation drawn up in the strongest words
within the range of his fiery eloquence, ending as
follows : "But if ye still will believe the specious
promises of the red-haired Christian dogs rather
than my warnings, then shall I fulfil the promise
made you by Kasi-Mullah : like dark storm
clouds shall my armies march over your a-uls to
compel you by force to do that which ye have
refused to do by your own good will. My road shall

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