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attached to his post and recognised by treaties and usage be
maintained intact, the Consul must not, through misplaced pretensions,
be the occasion of complaints against himself or of misunderstanding
between the Governments of the country in which he resides and of
that which he represents.[1]

If a case occur which is not provided for by Russian law, or if
by reason of the peculiar situation of the Consul’s place of residence,
or for other reasons, he find himself in an exceptional position ; or
if, generally speaking, a more exhaustive explanation of any point
of Consular law or usage be necessary, the Elective Consul must apply
for special instructions to the State Consul, to whom he is subordinate,
and the latter will, if necessary, report to the Imperial Legation or
Embassy accredited to the country in which he resides and to the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[2]

The Consul is the guide, protector and, in some cases, the trustee
of Russian subjects. He is the representative of the power of the
Government in the district entrusted to him, and it is his duty to
collect and transmit to the various Government Offices and
Institutions by whom he is instructed, information on certain matters :
such as sanitary conditions and measures, statistics, ship-building,
judicial matters, railway construction, shipping, finance, agriculture,
taxation, forestry and all branches of industry and trade. He is
empowered to perform certain notarial acts : to viser passports in
favour of people proceeding to Russia ; to grant passports and
certificates to Russian subjects returning to Russia, and to legalise ship’s
documents. He co-operates with the commanders and masters of
war-ships and merchant vessels on their arrival and departure from
the ports of his district, and in the event of accident or damage,
complete wreck or other misfortune incidental to shipping, when
all sea-protests, declarations of experts and settlements between
commanders and crews, &c., &c., are made before him. It is his
duty to protect the interests of Russian subjects applying to him
for assistance ; to correspond in reference to their affairs with the
local authorities and the home Government, and to make a special
point of endeavouring by all means in his power to promote the export
of Russian produce to foreign countries. Finally, it is his duty to
succour, assist and repatriate such Russian subjects as are without
means of subsistence and are not able to remain abroad, e.g., sailors
who have been left behind by Russian vessels, either through sickness
or any other cause, returning emigrants, vagabonds and pilgrims.

Punishment for insulting Consuls.

Any person convicted of having insulted an official by the use
of abusive or defamatory language directed towards him, even if
not in an official place but during the performance of his official duties,
or in consequence of such performance, shall be liable to
imprisonment for a period of from two to four months.

If it be proved that such verbal insult was committed without
the intention of showing disrespect to the place or person, but in a
state of drunkenness or through ignorance or stupidity, or that the
words used by the culprit, though indecent, were not abusive or

[1] Cons. Reg., Art. 99.
[2] Cons. Reg., Arts. 2 and 106.

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