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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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who declined to sign the protocol. The protocol of the inspection
and general report about it are presented by the inspecting officer to
the Minister of Foreign Affairs as soon as possible after the inspection
is finished. A record of the same must remain at the Consular Office
to serve as a guidance for the next inspection.

The inspection refers to :—

1. Consular Office.—Is it situated in a part of the town which is
sufficiently accessible to business men, sailors, and particularly to
Russian subjects ? Is the office separate from the private
apartments of the head of the office or from the other persons of the staff ?
Has that office an installation which assures a satisfactory dealing
with Consular business, and does it compare favourably with the
Consular offices of other Powers on the spot ? If not, what
recommendations can be made for the better, and what would be the expense
of same ?

2. Inventory of the Office.—Is it sufficient, and whether additional
inventory is necessary, and what would be the price of same ? Who
has bought it or added to it ? Are books of inventory or lists kept ?
Is there on the house in which the Consulate is situated an inscription
in the Russian language at the entrance and a shield which facilitates
finding the Consulate easily ? Is the place of residence of the Consular
Officer in the town or near the town where the office is situated, or
does he live far away ?

3. Archives.—The way and where they are kept ? Who is
superintending it, and does the order maintained allow of papers and
documents being referred to easily ? Are the books for the
registration of the official correspondence and the alphabetical registers kept
in order ? Are copies of legalised documents kept ?

4. Office Hours.—What are they ? Do they correspond to the
requirements of the service ? Does the office work finish at the time
of closing the office ? In what way is provision made for satisfying
requirements of the public after office hours ?

5. The Consular Staff.—Is the number of Official and non-Official
members of the Consular Staff sufficient ? Are they competent as to
experience, knowledge, and personal qualities to perform their duties
satisfactorily ? Recommendations in respect of changes or increase
of the staff, showing the expenses required to be incurred for same.

6. Distribution of Work.—Who opens the correspondence ? Who
receives the public ? Who performs the various Consular duties ?
Can the chief of the office be seen by the public during office hours,
and who takes his place when, during his absence, the public want
to be received by him ? Who signs the passports, vises and
documents ? Who makes inventories of estates left by deceased persons ?
Who is present at examinations of different description ? Does the
Consular Officer carry on the Consular business himself, or does he
instruct those duties to a clerk, acting more or less independently ?
Does he attend the office regularly, or is he the greater part of the
year absent ?

7. Accountability.—Who receives the money paid in as Consular
fees and other sums of money received by post, from the banks or
over the counter, and who signs the receipts thereof ? How long
do these sums remain in the keeping of some of the staff before they

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