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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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are handed over to the chief of the office ? In what way does the
head of the office keep his accounts with these people ? How long
do these sums remain at the office before they are paid into the bank ?
What books are kept for the registration of these sums, by whom are
they kept, and are they in order ? Who does draw up the reports
referring to the different sums ? Who checks the cash in hand and
how often is it done ? Balance sheet on the date of inspection ? In
what way are the advance credits accorded to the Consulate drawn ?
Have there been cases when the Consular fees were not correctly
levied in conformity with the Consular fees and the official parity of
Russian roubles and foreign coinage ? Is the Consular Tariff
exhibited in the office in a way that the public has easy access to it ?
Under what bank accounts are kept the different sums of money of
the Consulate ? In what banks has the Consulate separate accounts ?
Are the different deposits and sums of money belonging to the estates
left by deceased kept under separate accounts or under one common
account ? What is the view of the inspecting officer about the
matter coming under the head of the last foregoing three questions ?

8. Passports.—Passports come under the competency of Elective
Consular Officers only as to the vise of Russian passports for going
abroad. The inspection of Elective Consular Officers as to passports
is limited only in ascertaining whether such vises are registered and
paid for in accordance with existing regulations.

9. Documents.—Who is entrusted with the attestation of
documents ? Are the books for the registration of documents kept in
accordance with the Regulations ? What is the wording of the
attestations used on different sorts of documents ? Are copies of
documents drawn up or attested kept at the archives ? Are such
copies made at the Consulate, and what is the charge for same ? Who
takes the charge for such copies ? Has the chief of the office fixed a
tariff of charges for copies to be made or documents to be drawn up
outside Consular charges ? Are explanations required as to the
different articles of the Consular Tariff to be supplied ?

10. Monetary Help.-—Who is entrusted with giving monetary help ?
In what form and to what extent is monetary help given ? Under
what conditions is monetary help given ? To what place on their
way to Russia are the persons sent who are repatriated at the expense
of the Government ?

11. Relation to the Local Authorities.—Nature of such relations
personal and by correspondence ? What language is used ? Who is
drafting documents in foreign languages ? How far is the drafting
of official documents of the Consular Office in its wording near to
analogous documents by local authorities ? Is the social position
and business reputation of the Consular Officer unblemished ?

12. Commercial Intelligence.—In what way is commercial
intelligence carried on—by personal intercourse and correspondence ?

13. Commissions of the Russian Government.—The number of same,
and in what way are they carried out ? Are there any expenses
incurred, and in what way are they refunded ?

14. Reference Books and so forth.—Are sufficient reference books
kept at the Consulate, and is it desirable to assign sums of money
for the same ?

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