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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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inform the Russian commercial world of coming changes in the
economical situation of the country in which the Consular Officer
is residing.

In order to expedite matters in reporting about Commerce and
Industry, Consular Officers must express themselves briefly and send
off the information which they have in hand as quickly as possible.
Any printed or written materials dealing at length with economic
matters must be sent in addition, and in case such are not in one of
the European languages a translation into the Russian language must
be enclosed.

The text of the reports must contain statements based on statistical
material, while the greater part of the figures should be given,
preferably in the form of separate tables joined to the report as annexes.
For the sake of comparison, the figures quoted must not only refer
to the year under review, but also to previous years. Goods must
be shown as to their value and quantity.

According to prevailing circumstances of time and place, Consular
reports may refer to a simple fact, or a single trade, or, they may
embrace all the trade and commerce of the country.

Consular Officers have the right to decide for themselves of the
matter which they think desirable to report to their Government,
if they do not receive queries and instructions for special reports.
Their principal aim must be to hold the Russian Government
constantly au courant of all that may be of interest to them.

For instance, the subject of Consular reports may concern :—

1. The principal articles of export from Russia into a certain
foreign country, and of import from that country into Russia. Russian
goods which, although not yet having been exported, could find
a good market in that country. Description in detail of a foreign
market, as for instance : commercial customs, methods of payment,
modes of packing, carriage by rail, waterways or roads, indicating
the most advantageous ways of transport under the circumstances,
customs duties, harbour and other fees, &c.

2. The reasons which are holding back the importation of Russian
goods, as for instance : premiums given by foreign Governments in
order to foster their own exportation, customs tariffs, the forging
of brands and trade marks, &c., and measures which could bring about
an increase of the importation from Russia.

3. Cases of infraction of State treaties and agreements which
have been concluded by Russia.

4. Outlining the bad or good sides of the activity of Russian
merchants on foreign markets.

5. Information of coming orders to be given for products which
Russia could provide, as for instance, for rails, railway wagons,
locomotives, mineral oils, spirit, manufactured articles, leather goods,
articles for the equipment of the Army or Navy, matches, &c.,
enclosing, if possible, the text of the published conditions of the tender
or at least its chief conditions.

6. The important events of the local commercial and industrial
life, as for instance : important inventions, new ways of production
of goods, big strikes, the establishment of new big firms and so forth.

In cases which are urgent and important, information by wire

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