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The following documents are a sufficient proof of the origin of

1. Certificates of Origin issued by: (л) Russian Embassies,
Legations, or Consular Offices, mentioning particulars as to the number
of packages, the marks and numbers which they bear, their gross
and net weight, and the description of the goods in accordance with
technical or commercial nomenclature, (b) Chambers of Commerce
or communal authorities with their seal affixed, provided that such
certificates have been legalised by a Russian Embassy, Legation,
or Consular Office, and that one of the latter certifies the origin of
the goods, (c) Custom Houses through which goods are exported
from the country of the origin of the goods, provided that such
certificates have been legalised as above.

2. Accounts, invoices or letters of manufacturers or proprietors
of factories, wholesale merchants, traders, commissioners or artisans
provided that such have been legalised as above, adding that one
of the above-mentioned persons are indeed proprietors of the
establishment or firm on behalf of which the certificates of origin are issued.

When goods arrive in Russia by transit through other countries,
or after having been transhipped at intermediate ports :—

1. Those which are imported from Customs warehouses must
be accompanied by certificates issued by the customs officials of
the place of dispatch, and stamped with the official seal attesting
that the goods in question arrived from its country of origin and
remained under the surveillance of the said Customs Officer until
the moment of its exportation.

2. When such goods have been bought in the market of allied
or neutral countries, the certificates issued by the Russian Embassy,
Legation, or Consular Office must not only mention the country
of the origin of the goods, but also that they have not entered nor
passed through German, Austro-Hungarian, or Turkish territory,
nor have they been transhipped at a post or roadstead of one of these
countries.1 An exemption to the above rules has been made in the
following case2:—

Certificates of origin are dispensed with when foreign goods arrive
in Russia direct from allied countries, also when foreign goods are
dispatched to Russia from allied countries by parcel post.

The fee for delivering certificates of origin or legalising the same
varies in accordance with the following circumstances. Certificates
of origin of goods that are to be shipped on board Russian ships
which have paid tonnage and shipping dues to the Consular Office
for the prospective voyage, are given free of charge. If such dues
have not been paid, then the charge for the certificate of origin is
6s. 5d. If the goods are dispatched by sea in accordance with Art. 26
of the Consular Tariff, then the fee for the certificate of the origin
of the same is 9s. yd.

By an exchange of diplomatic notes between the Russian Ministry
of Foreign Affairs, and His Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador at Petro-

1 Regulations on certificates of origin of foreign goods : Collection of
enactments and provisions of the Government of 27th March 1915, No. 95, page 1162.

2 Circular of the Department of Customs of the Russian Ministry of Finance,
of 4th July 1915, No. 14,227.


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