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Elective Officer is subordinate, accompanied by the fee, the amount
of postage and a declaration as to the religion of the applicant.

Russian passports can be vise by State as well as by Elective
Consular Officers,1 using the following form :—

№......Produced at the Imperial Russian (Vice)
Consulate at........and attested as valid for bearer(s) . . . .

........ day 19 ......

(Vice) Consul

The bearer of the passport is not required to present the document
in person ; this can be done either through the post or by messenger.
The passport to be vise must be valid, and, if issued for a stated
period, that period must not have elapsed. Its contents may not
be altered or amended in any way by a Russian Legation or State
Consulate, the competency of which is restricted to the visa.

The visa is valid for six months, counting from the date of the
visa. From that date the bearer of the passport is at liberty to cross
the frontier repeatedly without a new visa. After six months have
elapsed, the passport requires to be vise anew in order to permit
the bearer to enter Russia. The same rules apply to Jews. They
are, however, limited in another sense, viz. : the visa on their
passports allows them to remain in Russia not longer than six months,2
counting from the day on which the bearer of the passport crosses
the frontier, and provided :—

1. That the bearer is sole member of, or a partner in, a business
firm located in the district of the Consular Officer granting the visa.
He is therefore required to produce, together with his passport, which
must be in every respect valid, an extract from the local register
of trading firms for the current year, in proof of the fact that he is
such sole member of, or partner in, a registered local firm ; or

2. That he is travelling as the representative of such local firm.
In the latter case he is required to produce, in addition to his
passport, a power of attorney, in duplicate, given by the firm in his favour,
of which one copy remains in the Consular archives and the other
must be attested by a Notary Public and afterwards legalised by
a Russian State Consul. In addition there must be produced an
extract from the local register of trading firms in proof that the person
or persons granting the power of attorney is or are actually the sole
member of or partners in a registered local firm.

Women of the Jewish faith are subject to the same rules.

The Consular visa on the passports of foreign Jews is worded in
Russian as follows: Vise to the bearer (Austrian, German, &c.)
subject, the Hebrew (name and surname) travelling to Russia for a
period of six months on commercial business as (agent, representative,
&c.) of the firm of . . . engaged in trade as (the special trade must
be named). The said firm is registered according to the laws of
the land in the district of the Consulate entrusted to me. (Signature
of the Consul.)

In the complementary convention of the i5th/28th July 1904,

1 See Part VIII., Chapter 1, " Explanatory notes to Consular Tariff."

2 Circular of the I. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of 9th March 1906, No. 2800.


Visa of
of Jews.

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