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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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I, the undersigned, make the following declaration to the
Imperial Russian Consulate (General) :—

Name, Patronymic and Surname.
When and where born. Religion.
Married or single.
Name of issue and their addresses.
Name of relatives and their addresses.
Profession or business and
permanent residence.
When and where performed military duties.
If undergone criminal investigation or criminal charges, and in what case.
Place of issue, date, and number of passport lost.
When left Russia and from which place of the Frontier.-
Time and place where passport was lost or stolen.
Was any other declaration made as to the loss of the passport previous to this date.
Other particulars which may be of use.

A Consular fee of three roubles must be paid for each new
passport. In addition, the ordinary passport duty is paid at the Russian
frontier, in accordance with Art. 257 of the Russian Passport
Regulations, and this must be shown on the passport by the Consul.

Passports can be given by Russian State Consular Officers without
previously applying for information to the authority who delivered
the lost passport or to the Department of the Police, if those who
are known to the Consular Officer confirm that a passpjrt to be used
abroad has been given to the person or persons who apply for a new
one, or, in case of original do:uments being produced which do not
leave any doubt as to the bona fi J-es and personality of the petitioner.

If more than five years have elapse 1 from the date of issue of the
lost passport, a new passport cannot be given ; the original one being
no longer valid, and Consular passports being only issued in place of
valid ones. If for some reason it is impossible to ascertain the fact
that the applicant has possessed a foreign passport, the Second
Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Police

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