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of the Ministry of the Interior must be requested to furnish the
necessary particulars before the passport can be issued by the Consul.

6. Russian subjects residing abroad who require to go to Russia
•on very urgent business, and, after a short stay there to return again
abroad, may apply to Russian Ambassadors, Ministers or State
Consuls to be supplied with a special passport for the purpose. The
Ambassadors, Ministers or State Consuls who deliver such passports
must take all the responsibility upon themselves for each passport.1

When issuing such passports (for a period of not longer than
3 months) a note must be made thereon of the fees levied, viz. :—

15 roubles passport fees ; and 3 roubles Consular fees.

Also, it must be stated that, before leaving Russia, the bearer
<of the passport is obliged to procure the attestation of the police on
the passport as to the non-existence of any legal obstacles which
could interfere with his or her departure from Russia.

The fee of 15 roubles is reduced in the cases mentioned in the
Passport Regulation Ed. 1903, Art. 200-202.2

On January 1st, May 1st, September 1st, of each year, the Consul
must report the total amount of fees at 15 roubles as above, and send
the amount to the Governor who issued the foreign passports, on the
strength of which the Consular passports were granted. If
convenient the fee of 15 roubles may be sent immediately. The fees
of 3 roubles are reported with the other Consular fees. The foreign
passport, on the strength of which the Consular passport is delivered,
is kept at the Consulate till the Consular passport is returned.3

7. Russian subjects who have left Russia for political reasons, and
who wish to return to Russia on the strength of the amnesty granted
to them by the Imperial Ukas of October 21st, 1905, must apply for a
passport to a Russian Embassy Legation or State Consulate stating
all the particulars of their case and giving their addresses. The said
Ukas does not apply to persons implicated in crimes punishable under
the Russian Code of Penal Laws.4

The period during which Russian subjects are permitted to remain
outside the limits of the Empire on the strength of lawful passports
is five years.5 In order to obtain a new passport in place of one which
has expired, a petition must be addressed to the Russian authority
by whom it was issued, stating the reasons which have necessitated
a longer sojourn abroad. Two stamps of the value of 1 rouble each
must be affixed to the petition and the amount of arrears of passport
duties must be forwarded at the same time. For every half year or
part of that time which has elapsed, and for which passport duties
have not been paid, and for every half year or part of that time for
which the applicant wishes to extend the period of duration of the

1 Circular of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of nth November 1905, No. 11,052.

2 See § 12 of this " Guide."

3 Circular of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
9th March 1906, No. 2801.

4 Circulars of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
4th November 1905, No. 10,794, and of 26th November 1905, No. 221.

5 Passport Reg., Art. 207. Circular of the II. Department of the Russian
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 9th December 1880, No. 11,500.

Duration of
validity of

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