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of Russian
subjects in


passport—15 roubles are payable.1 Natives of Warsaw pay live
roubles more for each half year as passport duties.

The period of residence abroad of Russian subjects is extended
to six years in the case of young men of the mercantile class who
are over 17 years of age, and whose object is to acquire practical
experience in foreign commercial offices.2 Russian merchants trading
in the East are permitted to extend their sojourn to seven years.

Consuls are not at liberty to extend the duration of the validity
of passports. Persons travelling 011 business—which fact must be
stated explicitly in their passports—can obtain an extension of the
time for which the passport is granted from a Russian Legation.3

On their return to Russia, or after five years have elapsed since
they have left Russia, Russian subjects must pay the passport duty
due from them, in addition to the dues paid on receipt of their passport
at the Custom House at the Russian frontier where they re-entered
Russian territory.4

As to the granting of passports to Russian subjects residing in
Turkey in Asia, the following special regulations must be observed5 :—
i. Russian subjects residing in the provinces of Turkey in Asia
which adjoin Russia, and who are either craftsmen or general labourers,
may, when their passports expire, be provided with new ones by the
Governor in Russia by whom the original passport was issued, if the
State Consul is willing to certify that their conduct is irreproachable,
and that they are unable to return to Russia. 2. Persons having
no passport at all can receive one from the Governors of the
Governments to which they belong, on proving that they are really Russian
subjects. 3. The passport is sent to the Russian Consul of the district
and is handed over to the person designated therein, after payment
of all State and Communal taxes.

In cases of petitions for passports, as above, the petitioner may,
in order not to be left without a passport altogether, apply to the
proper Russian State Consul for a certificate setting forth that the
holder was in possession of a passport which has been sent for renewal.
It has not the value or authority of a passport and is issued on
condition that the old passport, the amount of passport duties due, the
petition to the home authorities, and an addressed envelope are handed
by the petitioner to the Consul to be sent to Russia. If the petition
is granted, the petitioner receives his new passport through the Consul.

When the bearer of a Russian foreign passport remains abroad
longer than the period for which he paid passport duties when the
document was issued to him in Russia (viz., 15 roubles for every six
months), he must pay the arrears when recrossing the Russian frontier
on his home journey, as mentioned above, or, if unable to do so, he
must enter into a written obligation to do so at his place of residence.®
The following persons are exempt from the payment of passport

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§ 71.

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