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Consul should exercise the greatest care in issuing such certificates,
and must have the best of reasons for believing that the person whom
he provides with one of them is a bona fide Russian subject.

Russian colonists who have come to Russia from abroad, and
who have emigrated again, and who then wish to be re-admitted into
Russia, must not be supplied with a Russian passport, as their return
is deemed undesirable.1

According to the Circular of the Second Department of the Russian
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 20th July 1915, No. 9167, those Russian
subjects are considered as emigrants who have left Russia without
a " passport for going abroad," but who can produce passports at
the Consulate, for use in the interior of Russia, or birth certificates
which have not the character of passports, but which prove their
identity and nationality.

The case of emigrants is to be dealt with under three headings :—

1. If petitioner is able to produce documents issued by Russian
authorities establishing his identity, Russian State Consular Officers
must vise these documents, viz. :—

(rt) Passports for use in the interior of Russia and certificates
of legitimation, the time of validity of which has not run out
must be vis6, stating in the Russian language :—

" The present inscription has been added with the
apposi-" tion of the official seal by the Imperial Russian Consulate
" General for the admission into the Empire of bearer, who
" has no regular passport for use abroad, and has asked for
" the identification of his person for proceeding to Russia."

(b) Passports, the time of validity of which has run out, and
documents which have not the character of passports ; for instance,
birth certificates, attestation of military service, must be vise
as above, and besides be provided with the following
inscription :—

" This vise is only valid for crossing the Russian frontier,
" and connot be renewed in the Institutions of the Russian
" Ministry of Foreign Affairs abroad."

2. If petitioner is not able to produce documents as above, but
has at his disposal papers giving sufficient room for believing that he
is a Russian subject, for instance, certificates issued by Russian
clergymen abroad, Russian State Consular Officers must provide him with
a pass, using the following form :—

" This certificate for proceeding to Russia, which has not the
" power of a passport, is given on the strength of a circular issued
" by the Second Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
" of 17th January 1912, No. 561, to bearer, who declares to be

............of the Government............district..........

" parish............and that he had no regular passport. He

" produces in proof of his identity............"

3. If petitioner is unable to produce any documents in proof of
his identity, a pass as above can only be given to him after
verification of the correctness of his declaration about his nationality by

1 Circular of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
2nd July 18.79., No. 6806.



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