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for fugitives,
help for

applying to the Russian Home Ministry. Documents issued by
foreign authorities about the identity of a Russian subject cannot
be recognised as valid.

The State Consular Officer must report to the Police Department
of the Russian Ministry of the Interior, of the certificates issued as
above as soon as possible, and never later than in a month’s

Emigrants who are without any means and are Christians may
receive monetary help, to enable them to return to Russia, from
Russian State Consuls, and such outlay will be refunded out of the
benevolent fund which is at the disposal of the First Department
of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.2»3

Passports for persons enjoying total or partial exemption from
passport duties are issued for a period of seven months. After this
period of time has elapsed the bearers must, on their return to Russia,
supply the Russian frontier authorities with sufficient proof that the
reason still exists why they were totally or partially exempted from
payment of passport duties. Otherwise they are liable to pay the
ordinary passport duty for each half year, counting from the end
of the seven months after the passport was granted. However, the
duty is returned when the bearers of the passport present to
the authorities who levied the dues a proof that they still have
the right or partial right of exemption from payment of passport

Russian subjects whose passports have run out, have to pay the
passport duty for the time the passport is overdue at the frontier on
their return to Russia. Persons whose passports were delivered to
them on the receipt of only 50 copecks Chancery fees, and 5 roubles
for every half year for the benefit of the Red Cross Society, or of
only 50 copecks Chancery dues, or free of all charges, must prove
to the frontier authorities when returning to Russia that the
circumstances which allowed them to enjoy the aforesaid privileged
position of exemption from the ordinary passport duties are still
in force. If they cannot prove this, they must pay the ordinary
passport duty from the time since the passport was overdue.
Afterwards they can reclaim the amount paid by presenting to the
Department of Customs of the Ministry of Finance the necessary
proof of their exemption from passport duty.

For instance, in order to benefit by their exemption from the
ordinary passport duty, the personal servants of Russian State
employees, travelling abroad, must on their return to Russia present a
certificate stating that they are still servants of Russian State em-

1 Circular of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
6th March 1912, No. 14,502.

2 Circular of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
17th January 1912, No. 561.

3 Letter of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
the 21st February 1912, No. 2311, to the Russian Consulate General in London.

4 Circular of the I. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
17th September 1907, No. 5885.

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