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over and reside the 15 days, and the other may arrive 14 days later.
If either of the parties has been divorced, it is necessary to produce
a copy of the Decree Absolute for the Superintendent Registrar. If
the divorce has been obtained in a foreign country evidence of the
legal dissolution of the marriage must be produced ; and it would be
well for the parties to obtain a certified translation of the Decree
of the Divorce, and certificate from the Consul that such divorce is
valid according to the law of the country in which it was granted,
and that it renders the parties free to re-marry. The marriage licence
only costs 9s. 6d., if both parties have resided in the district for 7 days,
then one of them must give the necessary notice, and the marriage
can take place on the twenty-second da}7 following. If they reside in
different districts of the United Kingdom then notice must be given
in each district, and this involves an additional cost of 2s.

In Germany, civil marriage is prohibited in the following cases :—

1. If either party is acting under compulsion ;

2. If either party is under any disability ;

3. If the parties are brother and sister or step-brother and sister,
or trustee and ward.

If the bride is under 24 years of age and the bridegroom under
25, special permission of the parents is required. Two witnesses of
major age [i.e. over 21) must be present at the civil marriage.

In Prussia, according to the law of the 15th March 1854, a foreigner
who marries a Prussian subject, or another foreigner, within Prussian
territory must, in addition to complying with the other formalities,
produce a certificate stating that according to the national laws of
the parties they are entitled to marry abroad, or have received special
permission from their authorities to do so. As Russian subjects are
usually not able to get such certificates without great loss of time,
they should petition the Ministers of Education (Cultus Minister), of
the Interior, and of Justice, for a " dispensation " from the obligation
to produce this certificate, and for permission to contract the civil
marriage. The " dispensation " is granted if the parties undertake
to go through the religious form of marriage according to Russian
laws. The purpose of these regulations of the Prussian authorities
is to prevent the civil marriage of Russians in Prussia unless they are
followed by valid marriages in accordance with Russian laws.

If a member of the Russian Diplomatic Service wishes to contract
a marriage with a foreign lady, he is bound, not only to obtain
permission to do so from his superiors, at the same time making a
declaration as to the lady’s dowry and her prospects of inheriting
property at any future time, but he must also produce a written
statement from the bride to the effect that it has been explained to
her that, as the wife of a Russian diplomatic officer, she will be under
the obligation to dispose of any real estate she may possess in any
foreign country, and that in default of her doing so her husband will
be obliged to leave the service.1 Russian State Consular Officers are
required to obtain the consent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before

§ 120.
Marriages in

1 Code of Civil Laws, Art. 66.

§§ 120, 121.

of Russian
and Consular

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