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affects the position of Russian deserters in England who hitherto have,
been proof against any attempt on the part of Russian Consular Officers
to compel them to return to their country.

Immigration into the Dominion of Canada is regulated by the
Immigration Act, 1886 (Revised Statutes, c. 65) and the amending
Act of 1902 (2 Edward VII., c. 14). The principal provisions of
these Acts are as follows:—No vessel bringing immigrants is
admitted to entry unless she has been visited by an immigration agent.
If it is found, on the arrival of the vessel at the Canadian port, that
proper measures for the preservation of the health of the passengers
and crew during the voyage have not been observed, a duty of two
dollars per head for every passenger or immigrant is imposed on the
master of the vessel. The Governor in Council is also empowered
by proclamation to impose a further duty, payable by the master
of any ship bringing passengers or immigrants, not exceeding two
dollars, from every alien or passenger, independently of the duty
above mentioned. Every master of a vessel is required, under
penalties, before permitting any passenger to leave the vessel, to hand
to the Collector of Customs at the port of landing a report, giving
full particulars of all passengers, specifying in each case the port
of embarkation, the name, sex, and age of each passenger, the number
of each family, the profession, occupation or calling of each passenger,
the nation or country of birth, and the place in the Dominion of
Canada or United States to which the passenger is bound. The
master is also required to report to the Collector of Customs at the
port of arrival the names of all passengers who are lunatic, idiotic,
deaf and dumb, blind, or infirm, stating also whether they are
accompanied by relations able to support them.

If the Medical Superintendent of the quarantine stations, whose
duty it is to examine into the condition of the passengers, finds
any person of the classes above-mentioned not belonging to an
immigrant family, and such person is, in the opinion of the Medical
Superintendent, likely to become permanently a public charge, he
is to make a report of the tacts to the Collector of Customs, who is
to require the master to execute a bond with two sureties for three
hundred dollars conditioned to indemnify the Government of Canada,
the Provincial Government, and all local authorities, from any expense
which may be incurred during three years for the maintenance of
such passenger. The master is relieved from the obligation to give
this bond if the Medical Superintendent certifies that the infirmity
arose " from some cause not existing or discernible at the time of
the departure of the ship from the port where such passenger
embarked." Arrangements may be made for the reconveyance of
the person in question to the port from which he was brought, and
the money payable under the bond may be applied to this purpose.
The Governor-General may, by proclamation, prohibit the landing
of pauper or destitute immigrants until the master of the vessel in
which they arrived has paid to an " Immigration Agent " such sums
of money as are necessary for their temporary support and transport
to their place of destination, and he may also prohibit the landing
of any " criminal or other vicious class of Immigrants designated in

§ 168.


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