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The Russian postal regulations forbid the sending in envelopes
of coins or of any article that is subject to import duty. Such articles
are, therefore, liable to be confiscated by the Russian postal
authorities. As Russian paper money is specially named in the Postal Union
Convention as an article that is subject to import duty, it is liable to
confiscation even when the envelope which covers it is registered.
Foreign bank notes (not coin) are not liable to duty, and there is no
objection to their transmission from abroad through the post. They
must be sent in insured envelopes on which the value of the enclosure
is declared, and the following rules must be observed :—

1. Insured letters will have all the safeguards of the registration
system, and, subject to the following regulations, compensation will
be paid if they or any of their contents are lost in the post.

2. Postcards or packets of " Printed Papers," or " Commercial
Papers " or Sample Packets cannot be insured. The letters to which
the insurance system is specially applicable are those which contain
bank notes, bonds, coupons, securities, &c.

3. Letters intended for insurance must be presented at the counter
of a post office. They cannot be posted at railway stations, and must
not be dropped into a letter box or handed to a postman or mail cart

4. Insured letters may not contain coin, anything made of gold
or silver, precious stones, jewellery, or any article liable to customs
duty in the country of destination.

5. Insured letters must not be addressed to initials or in pencil.

6. Every letter packet tendered for insurance must be enclosed
in a strong cover, which must be securely fastened and sealed with
fine wax, in such a way that it cannot be opened without either
breaking the seals or leaving obvious traces of violation. Envelopes with
black or coloured borders must not be used. Seals must be placed
over each flap or seam of the cover of a packet ; and if the packet is
tied round with string or tape, a seal must be placed on the ends where
they are tied. The seals should be placed on the back of the envelope ;
one in the middle and one in each corner.

7. All the seals on a letter must be of the same kind of wax, and
must bear distinct impressions of the same private device. Coins
must not be used for sealing, and the device must not consist merely
of straight, crossed, or curved lines which could readily be imitated.

8. If a letter tendered for insurance does not, in the opinion of the
officer of the post office to whom it is tendered, fulfil the foregoing
conditions as to packing and sealing, it is his duty to refuse to insure
it. Nevertheless the onus of properly enclosing and sealing the letter
lies upon the sender ; and the Post Office assumes no liability for
loss arising from defects of the cover or the seals which may not be
observed at the time of posting.

9. The amount for which a letter is insured (which must not exceed
its actual value) must be written by the sender both in words and in
figures at the top of the address side of the cover, thus:—" Insured
for fifteen pounds (£15), 378 francs." No alteration or erasure of
the inscription is allowed. If a mistake is made, the entry must be
completely obliterated and an entirely new one made by the sender.

§ 194.
Regulations for
to Russia.

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