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2бо REPATRIATION, &с., OF SEAMEN. P. vi., Сн. xvu

overland he is authorised to supply their most urgent wants ;
he may provide them with clothes, boots, and also with money for
their maintenance while travelling from the place where he resides
direct to Russia, or, if they cannot go direct, to the nearest Russian
Consulate on the way to Russia, at the following rates : boatswains’
mates, non-commissioned officers, &c. (not belonging to the nobility),
30 copecks per German mile ; sailors, orderlies, and men of inferior
rank in general, 15 copecks for the same distance ; in addition, for
every day they may be detained in a port or a town, persons of the
first category, 30 copecks, and those of the second, 25 copecks ; and
in the case of men belonging to the merchant fleet, for every day they
are compulsorily detained in a port or town : captains, 50 copecks ;
mates, 70 copecks ; boatswains, 30 copecks ; sailors, 25 copecks :
and for every German mile travelled, 15 copecks for sailors, and 30
copecks for others, without distinction (in Russian money or the
equivalent in foreign money, according to the rate of exchange).2
The Consular Officer must mark on the passport of the persons whom
he thus forwards to Russia the amounts he has paid them.3

Elective Consular Officers must send their reports of such cases
and the account of their outlays to their State Consuls, and the latter
must report to the Minister of Marine if naval officers or men are
concerned, the Section of Commercial Navigation in the case of a
Russian merchant vessel, and to the office of the Governor-General
of Finland in the case of a Finnish ship. In presenting accounts of
expenses, it must be borne in mind that they are only refunded when
incurred on behalf of Russian subjects, and the State Consul must
be guided exclusively by the nationality of the seaman, and not by
the nationality of the vessel on which he was serving. Thus, the
Consul must report to the Section of Commercial Navigation all
expenses incurred on behalf of a Russian, even if he has been serving
on board of a foreign or Finnish vessel, and to the office of the
Governor-General of Finland as to expenses incurred for a Finnish sailor, even
if he has been serving on board of a Russian or foreign vessel. Foreign
sailors, even if they have been serving on board of Russian or Finnish
vessels, are not entitled to receive monetary help for board or

In his report of each case of repatriation, the Elective or State
Consular Officer must be careful to mention all the particulars, as,
for instance, whether the sailor was discharged from the ship on
which he served, or whether he deserted, or was shipwrecked, or left
behind ; whether any blame attaches to the captain, and so forth.
This is important, as, according to these circumstances, it is
after-•wards decided whether the expenses incurred by the Consular Officer
shall be refunded by the sailor himself or by the shipowner. The
Consular Officer must also state in his report his reasons for believing
that the man relieved by him was a sailor and a Russian subject ;
he must mention the place to which the man belongs and the name
and address of the owner of the ship on which he served.4

1 Cons. Reg., Art. 43. 2 Ibid., Arts. 77 and 83. 3 Ibid,., Art. 45.

4 Circular of the II. Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 8th April!

1888, No. ?139.


§ 302.

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